How To Outrank @garyvee in the Wine Niche


So, we’re looking at the wine niche, watch out Gary V! :)

This is an overview about how I’d get into the “make wine at home” niche – feel free to use it or follow it step-by-step. I’m not actually going to make this site (so feel free to dominate the niche) – I’m going through how I would, and the steps that I’d go through. If you’ve got any questions or you’ve got any other ideas on the best way to break into the niche let me know in the comments.

I’ve never been in this niche before – but I think these are some ways it’s possible to get a slice of the pie.

Different shaped wine glasses

Overall, the type of people trying to rank for these terms are the companies trying to sell the actual product (a wine making kit etc)

The site that we’re going to be making is a ‘how to’ blog that talks around the various topics of making wine at home, you could equally do this on a how to homebrew blog or something similar. I’ve chosen this because there’s some juicy, well paid items to offer to visitors. So I’m going to be promoting both Amazon products (the actual kits), and Clickbank for the digital products (guides etc).

So let’s start off by looking at what keywords we’d like to rank for and how hard it’ll be to get to the top.

Starting KW – make wine at home

When looking through the keywords that the Google Keyword Planner gives me for the term, I’m mainly looking at the ‘Avg monthly searches’ – this is a good starting point as it shows how many people are searching for the term.

We want the searches to be around 100+. I’m targeting lower searched terms as they’re almost always easier to rank for – and quicker to make some money from.

We’re not going to (directly) try to rank for the main term, and there’s a few reasons for that

  • It’s got quite established sites ranking for it
  • If we’re using that KW to search for the ones we’re going to use – we should rank for it eventually anyway
  • We want the site to get set up quicker than we can rank for the term

So, for all intents and purposes, we’re going to use the following keywords:

Keyword Search Volume/mo
“how to make red wine at home” 260
“how to make wine from grapes at home” 320
“how to make wine at home step by step” 320
“how to make strawberry wine at home” 140
“how to make blackberry wine at home” 90

We’re going to want a long authoritative article on each of them. That means around 2-3K words, with pictures, bullet-points etc.

We’re planning to be the BEST article on the web for that term, so each needs to be well thought out.

It’s basically a ‘how to’ blog, and these are going to be our base articles, so to save time I’m going to base the general site structure around something like a niche ehow site (so choose a theme similar in looks).

We’re going to split content into 2 sections:

  1. Content for search
    This is writing about things that people are already searching for – see above for this list. Doing this will enable the site to get into the SERPs for something that’ll actually get searched for. These Will be added as Pages.
  2. Content for social
    This is where you’ll need to be creative – and the title is especially important here – you want to make things that people will share – then when you syndicate them to various social platforms it has a higher chance of being shared. These will be added as posts – the reason for this is we’ll be doing lots of them and we want to differentiate from the ones that’ll be getting mostly search traffic.

The good thing about this site is you can be really creative – once it’s set up you’ll be able to create ‘new’ methods that’ll be fun spreading through social media – for example you can see this being quite popular around Halloween:

“Brew Your Own Pumpkin Wine – It’s ready in a day”

And you can play around with different flavours/recipes – you never know – if it spreads enough, you may get Gary Veynerchuck to review it. (you never know…)

So, here’s what the basic set-up’s going to look like:

Niche site mindmap

With this set-up you’ll want to remove the dates from your post. This site is going to be evergreen (making wine is still going to be applicable in 5 years, no?)

Here’s how to remove the date from your posts on WordPress

So, the next step is to choose a domain name…

We’re going to be wanting something that’s memorable for this, as we’re doing quite a lot on social networks – here’s some that I found that could be used quite well. There’s actually more of these domains taken than I would have thought – so a bit of extra digging was needed:


(remember these were available when I searched for them – they may be taken now though)

Now we’ve got out site set up, where and how are we going to get some traffic?

Well, I’ve thought about that :)


I’d join and contribute to these Facebook Groups:

When I mean contribute, I mean put something worthwhile into the group – if you’re going down the niche of wine making then you’re obviously interested in it – so have a chat about it in those groups.

Post all your recent posts to your Facebook profile. A simple tool that does this is Onlywire (), it grabs your posts from your RSS feed and autoposts it to your Facebook profile (or page)

click here for more info on Onlywire – it’s got a free account you can use

In fact, I’d set up Onlywire to post to all your social profiles, it gets the message out a bit more and builds your brand a bit more. (as long as you’re posting other things on the profiles – we don’t want any spam accounts here!)


This is a great method of promotion. Once the site is set up and you’re making the viral posts – tweet these to your followers. Also you’ll get insane coverage if you include a company in it. If it’s to their taste – they’ll retweet it, causing a flood of visitors.

Think something like Jack Daniels infused home made wine – but something that actually sounds nice :) – then you’ve got to think of a catchy title for it – one that’ll make visitors want to click it.
(although sometimes things that create a reaction – either way – can be good at converting that click)


If you make a nice info-graphic of a flow diagram or something on how to make wine, I could see it going down very well here. Then all you need to do is mention the Pinterest URL on your other social networks.


Here’s where you’re going to get traffic and links. So – go over to these forums and create profiles. These are the biggest I’ve found in the niche.

When creating a profile on them – make sure you fill it out completely. This means adding a profile picture, bio, and a link to your website.

After you’re signed up (I’m going to sound like a broken record, but…) provide value. The best links from forums are the ones from members who’ve provided value.

Now for the monetization (my favourite part)

To be honest I think this niche would be REALLY receptive if they were on a list. This means finding a hook to get them onto the list.

Now, there’s several ways of doing this – you could give them an ebook, or report. You could even just put sign up for updates (but you’d get a lower opt-in rate)

It’s best to give away a guide or report of some sort, but you want something that’ll lead onto what you’re selling. What I’d suggest (that’ll get the people you want), is to label it bluntly as:

“Free 10-Step Wine-Making-Kit Buying Guide” or something similar.

This way – they’re getting value as you’re giving them something that’ll help them exactly with what they want.

And yep – you guessed it – the 10-step buying guide would have affiliate links in it to Amazon.

After they’ve signed up the first few emails would be help emails – like “getting things ready” etc, then you should go in for a pitch by telling them about a clickbank ebook. The first thing you’re selling (other than the Amazon link) should be relatively low-value. After a few more help emails, tell them about a group that you’re in (A Clickbank monthly sub on the niche) but in the first email – don’t link out, just get them warmed up. Then send them a link to check out the members area, if they buy into that you’ll get some nice commissions.

For your email list, I’d recommend Aweber, this way you’ll get a decent open-rate (some providers send mail from blacklisted IP’s so the recipient will never receive it)

If you try to add another email to your sequence every now and then, you’ll see greater returns. From there it’s all about building up the email list.

After a few months if you regularly keep posting the viral content (on the blog) and marketing it on the social sites, you should see a healthy blog with rising numbers on your email list.

If you’ve got any questions or comments – please let me know below :)

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